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My name is Nik Daniel and I am the owner/operator of Purely Driven Fitness located in Nashville, Tennessee.

I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and additionally studied at The Australian Institute of Fitness and Body Design University where I also earned certification.

For over two decades I have explored the relationship between a plant based diet and an athletic lifestyle. Being a long term vegan myself, I am a firm believer that a diet focused primarily on plants and whole foods, paired with a well designed strength and cardiovascular training program, will put you on the path to ultimate health and vitality.

My training method is based on a progressive, phased system designed to continually challenge the client with a strong focus on core and foundational strength. My programs are designed to meet the individual needs and goals of clients and are suitable for almost all age groups and fitness levels.

If any of this peaks your interest I would love to see you in the Purely Driven studio for a free consultation. 

The point of power is the present moment!

Now offering online training programs and customized meal plans! 
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